Who we are

Digital-Hub is a certified business accelerator (special section of the Business Register) specialized in developing business and management skills for native digital startups, with a particular interest in:

  1. mobile services and applications
  2. e-commerce
  3. technologies related to advertising and digital marketing

Digital-Hub arises from the years of experience of entrepreneurs who felt the need to create an entity capable of fostering the growth of young, technology-driven companies, supporting them in developing skills and providing them with the right mindset to manage corporate innovation processes.

Our mentors and advisors provide their networks and field-tested experiences to create successful projects to be launched in national and international markets.

We seek highly innovative startups motivated to follow a path of development excellence. We promote the contamination of ideas and offer specific training with the aim of making selected projects sustainable and scalable.

Digital-Hub was founded by Nicola Tanzini and Antonio Procopio, two entrepreneurs who over the years have led the business strategies of companies at the forefront of the Italian digital landscape.


Nicola Tanzini – President and Founder

Nicola TanziniNicola Tanzini

He is the CEO and President of InTarget Group, a new media company present for over 15 years in the Italian and international markets (in over 20 countries worldwide) with integrated solutions for 360° digital business and a team of over 65 professionals. As an entrepreneur, he is passionate and knowledgeable about new technologies, with years of experience in web marketing, strategic planning, and innovation.

Main areas of expertise:

  1. Business planning
  2. Business strategy
  3. Innovative startup
  4. Business development
  5. WebMarketing
  6. E-commerce

Antonio Procopio – CEO and Founder

Antonio Procopio collaborates with TalentGarden and B-Heroes for training and mentorship.

His business-oriented skills are complemented by his solid technology background. Always passionate about technology and startups, he has launched several projects supporting new entrepreneurial entities and the crowdfunding platform SiamoSoci.

Main areas of expertise:

  1. Digital business
  2. Innovative startup
  3. Fundraising
  4. Technology trends
  5. Web/APP development